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Hi, I'm Lina and I'm a certified life coach. I support clients who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed to bring more peace, purpose and joy into their lives. This, I believe, is ultimately our calling-- to live fully, freely and fearlesslyAs your coach, I'm here to help you identify beliefs and habits that aren't serving you, and create new ways of thinking and doing that move you toward what you want, who you desire to be and how you want to feel. This is about you taking control of your happiness.

If you're ready to begin writing the next chapter of your story starring YOU, it begins here and now. Are
you ready? I can't wait to get started!

With Love and Light,



Client Testimonials

“Lina was thought-provoking, gentle, and inquisitive during our coaching session. She was a powerful listener and asked great follow up questions that allowed me to form insights on how to better approach an overwhelming schedule. She delicately moved through our conversation, guiding me to form my own solutions. Since our coaching session that feeling of being “stuck” when approaching an overwhelming to-do list has completely vanished. I am appreciative of how confident I now feel in my own ability to achieve a more balanced life.” - L.A.


"When the fear of staying the same outweighs the fear of change, that is when change happens."

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Lina attained her training through Coach Training Alliance, a leading, global coach training organization approved by the International Coaching Federation. 

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